World Immunization Week

By Alia Bly, District Bulletin Editor

Providing health to children around the world is no easy task, but with thousands of Key Club members willing to join in on the fight to make a difference, progress is not out of reach. World Immunization Week is a time for raising awareness to prevent vaccine-curable diseases, such as tetanus and diphtheria. From today, April 24, to the 30th, use your Key Clubs as platforms for spreading growth and wellness to those in need!

Want to see the deeper impact of the World Health Organization’s mission? By visiting /immunization-week/2018/en/, you can browse through success stories of children fighting against detrimental illnesses, track the global progress in eradicating large scale health deficiencies, and find ways to get involved. Speak out against curable diseases, and use your involvement in Key Club to change lives for the better!