Why Should You Attend Our Service and Leadership Conference?

By Alia Bly, District Bulletin Editor

As a freshman in high school, I joined Key Club. At the time, I had a very limited grasp regarding the functions and missions of the club, but after being pushed to attend District Convention, now the Georgia Service and Leadership Conference (SLC), my perspective surrounding service changed. Anyone who has attended this event before can vouch for the fact that it is unlike many other student conventions. It is centered around providing an enriching and memorable experience to servant leaders, and for a club as selfless as Key Club, such a theme is fitting.

To anyone considering attending the SLC in 2019, I firmly urge you to do so. The opportunity to meet others interested in the same causes from all across the state of Georgia is unique and valuable. When surrounded by hundreds of other students dedicated to service, the impact seems to feel heightened. By entering the convention center, you have not only found an outlet for service, but you have also found an extended family.

Though the SLC is months away, I encourage interested members to begin spreading the word to others and fundraising to meet the attendance cost. By preparing early on, there will be nothing to do but get excited when the event arrives. Make sure to keep an eye out for registration, as it will be open soon. Expand the boundaries service has set for you!