Why Run For Board?

By Christina Lee, District Governor

Serving on the district board has truly provided me with a phenomenal, rare experience. Reflecting upon this past year, I have noticed my growth not only as an individual but as a friend, daughter, sister, student, and leader. Through Key Club, my perspective, ambitions, and knowledge have flourished. This organization has allowed me to bombard my comfort zone, allowing me to reach beyond my boundaries. Key Club has allowed me to form valuable relationships with open-minded, highly intellectual, and ambitious individuals. I have interacted with people who live on opposite sides of the country, getting exposed to their unique culture. I have been able to gradually overcome my fear of public speaking, and I have become more receptive of differing ideas. If you are interested in undergoing a transformative experience and in learning how to better serve your community, I would highly recommend serving on board!

To be frank, serving on board can be difficult at times. The pressure and the responsibilities can be overwhelming; board members take on critical tasks, leading hundreds of club officers and general members. However, the positive aspects of serving completely overshadow the difficulties and make this experience worthwhile. Without Key Club, I would be missing a very integral aspect of my life. Despite the mistakes and obstacles that I have had to overcome, I would go through this experience all over again for the people that I have met and the memories that I have made!