What it Means to Be a General Member

By Alia Bly, District Bulletin Editor

While Key Club International is composed of many parts all working together to make an amazing whole, the general members truly make the organization run. Club members on the high school level ensure there are people available to perform service under the Key Club banner, but with that in mind, many Key Clubs struggle to get involved and truly embrace what being a general member means. While there’s no definition to who a good Key Club member is, there are some common traits:

  1. General members are diverse. Key Club upholds an inclusive environment with hopes of giving every high school student an organization to call home. Enter each Key Club meeting at your school with an open mind ready to accept new ideas, proposals, and plans to make your community stronger!
  2. General members are determined, insightful leaders. By attending your school’s Key Club meeting, you have elevated yourself from a student interested in making a difference to a student actively working towards that difference. Key Clubbers identify issues in their communities, whether that be extended or immediate, and assess how to best combat it.
  3. General members are everywhere! Key Club’s boundaries are constantly being pushed, and with so many active participants spreading the name of the organization to their homes, schools, and communities, the idea of the general member can be summed up with one word—you!