Welcome Back to School!

By Jasmine Ramirez, Lt. Governor Division 4

School is starting up again, and with school comes many things. Stressing over tests, procrastination, endless nights of homework, and teachers that don’t seem to understand the struggle of being a student. However, along with all of the things we worry about comes all of the things we can’t wait for. Friday night football games, homecoming, dances, formals, pep-rallies, and what we are all most excited for: Key Club!

Whether you have started school yet or not, I hope that you all have a smooth transition from summer to school time! Remember that the beginning of school year is a great time to spread your love for service to those looking for something to do with the new school year. Keep an eye out for those who came back from the summer time wanting to make a change. Have a great service-filled year, and make new friends!