The Gift of Hearing

In a resounding effort from all the way across the Pacific, the international charity project “Gift of Hearing” has started. The movement’s goal is to improve the quality of life for children with hearing impairment, and raise awareness to the needs of these people.

Gift of Hearing Donation-2 (2)

The Gift of Hearing movement will happen in two stages:
1. The Jianguo High Key Club will donate stylish and fun hearing aid sleeves. The Georgia Key Club District will locate hearing impaired children and gift them with the sleeves.
2. The Georgia District Key Club will sell hearing aid sleeves to the public, with each sleeve sold, the Jianguo High Key Club will gift one to a child in a different state.

Taipei Jianguo High Key Club President Tao Tien partnered with Georgia District Key Club Governor Minyoung Kim to establish the Gift of Hearing throughout Georgia. The Key Club Georgia District will be spearheading this movement, spreading the fire of charity throughout the nation.

“We want to make hearing a fun and exciting experience for kids with hearing impairment, and change the stigma that hearing aids have to be cumbersome and boring. Moving on with the Christmas spirit, we wish to give the gift of a happy hearing experience.”

Key Club members also have a mission: to educate the com
unity and help the public understand that hearing aids should be like the glasses we see people wearing every day. They provide practical use and can still be a fashion statement.

Please email with any questions!