Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes

Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes LogoThe Georgia District of Key Club International is continuing the “Foundation for Education” project with the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth homes for the 2017- 2018 year. Since 2014, all funds raised by the Georgia District will go towards building a new Education Center at the Mountainview campus in Chatsworth, Georgia. It is the hope that each club will work to overachieve and raise as much as possible.

So far, $100,000 has been raised by Key Clubs in the state of Georgia – with an overall goal of $120,000 for the new Education Center by 2019.

For 2017-18, the district goal is $20,000 – enough to finish the project one year early! Key Clubs should work to raise this per-member amount to donate to the Youth Homes by February 24, 2018.

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To help reach the goal of $20,000 for the 2017-2018 year, each Key Club member is asked to donate $5 as a part of the “My hi-five” campaign. If each member in the district raised just $5 – we’d easily surpass our goal of $20,000 for this year and finish the “Foundation for Education” project! Learn more HERE!

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – April 16, 2016

How to Donate:

Make an online donation (up to $2000 with a credit/debit card).

Mail a check, made payable to “Georgia District Key Club” to:

Georgia District Key Club
Attn: Project Account
P.O. Box 6618
Macon, GA 31208

About Our Relationship with the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes:

The 1988-89 Georgia District Board decided that the District Project for the year would focus on the needs of the residents of a local organization that provided a loving, caring home for children that were abandoned, neglected or abused in the state of Georgia. That year, the decision was made to make the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes the District Project of the Georgia District of Key Club.

Since that year, Key Clubbers from around the state have raised more than $880,000 for this incredible organization.

In 1992, the Georgia District of Key Club International decided that all funds raised for the District Project would go to build a learning center on the campus of the Youth Homes, located in LaGrange, Georgia. This center would provide a workplace for the residents to study, a facility for counselors to meet with the residents to discuss their spiritual and emotional needs, and a time for the students to lay a foundation for a successful life. The facility was dedicated in 1999 after more than $100,000 was raised to construct the learning center.

During the 1999-2000 year, Key Clubbers set out on another commendable path to build a learning center for the female residents at the Georgia Sheriffs Youth Homes Cherokee Estates campus in Dalton, Georgia. In just five years, the Georgia District of Key Club Learning Center was dedicated after more than $115,000 was raised for the project that was known as “Ben’s Dream”.

The 2005-2006 Georgia District Board, when deciding on the next goal for the Youth Homes, realized that each of the campuses had a place for residents to go to fulfill their spiritual needs- every campus except one. It was decided that the next project would be called the “Essential Piece” as the District set out to build a chapel at the Pineland campus of the Georgia Sheriffs Youth Homes. Through the help of Key Clubs from around the state, the Georgia District broke numerous fundraising records and was able to complete the project in just 3 years. The Georgia District of Key Club chapel was dedicated in 2007, answering the call once again for the Youth Homes.

In 2009, the District Board received word that the residents at the Pineland campus of the youth homes had outgrown their current learning center- the same one that Key Clubbers built more than 15 years prior to that time. It was decided that the Georgia District would continue “Living the Legacy” and take on the challenge of raising $150,000 to expand the learning center so that each resident would have the same opportunities to succeed in life as each and every member of our organization. The Georgia District finally reached the goal and ended the “March to 150” by surpassing the goal of $25,000 and raising $60,000 during the 2013 – 2014 year. This remarkable achievement once again proved that nothing is too ambitious for the Mighty Georgia District. The Pineland campus Education Center expansion was finished with the funds raised over the past 5 years.

Now, the Georgia District has been asked to build a new Education Center in the Mountainview campus in Chatsworth, Georgia – a campus that sits among the beautiful north Georgia mountains but currently only has one cottage for boys. Is is the hope that the campus will be able to expand, starting with the Education Center. It is imperative that we continue the rich, 25-year tradition of supporting the Youth Homes, an organization that has touched the lives of thousands of kids from around the state, molding them into dedicated and caring citizens that each of us are destined to become. This project has been dubbed “The Foundation for Education” – and a goal of $120,000 has been set to raise by 2019. As of February 25, 2017, $100,000 has been raised.