The following positions on the Georgia District Key Club Board will be available for the 2019-2020 year (the Key Club year is from Service Leadership Conference to Service Leadership Conference).

All board members must agree to the following:

  • Attend all district board meetings (see below for dates/locations)
  • Attend all district-wide events (Georgia Leadership Training Conference and Georgia  Service and Leadership Conference at the beginning and end of their terms).
  • Attend the Key Club International Convention (need-based grants are available)
  • Other responsibilities as outlined in the respective position’s contract

Note that each board member will have an expense account to cover the costs of performing their duties adequately (including travel expenses). The Georgia District will work with each individual board member to ensure that financial burdens are minimized.

District board members will be required to miss school due to events and meetings throughout the year. The district works to minimize the amount of school that will be missed, but it is impossible to avoid altogether.

Lieutenant Governor
There are 15 lieutenant governors that serve on the Georgia District Board – one for each of the 15 divisions. Lieutenant governors are responsible for the Key Clubs in their division to ensure that they are informed of all Georgia District and Key Club International initiatives and events. In addition, lieutenant governors must also ensure that the clubs in their division pay dues promptly during their term.

Lieutenant Governor Contract

Lieutenant Governor elections will occur at Divisional Rallies in January/February. Only one candidate per club may run for Lt. Governor. 

-Each candidate will have two minutes maximum to give a speech.
-A period of three minutes will be available for each candidate for questions (can be asked by any Key Club member in their division).
-Once each candidate has spoken, voting will take place by the official delegates from each club in attendance from that division.

Executive Positions
Executive board positions include those of governor, secretary-treasurer and bulletin editor. These three positions carry the most power in the district, in addition to the most responsibility. Candidates must have exemplary leadership and time-management skills in order to be elected. All executive positions are elected at the annual convention – completed/signed contracts must be presented to the District Administrator on the Friday night of the Service & Leadership Conference. If any of the executive positions are not filled at convention, the governor will accept applications and fill the positions with appointments.*

Specific details about each position can be found in the following contracts:

District Governor Contract
District Secretary-Treasurer Contract
District Bulletin Editor Contract

Committee Chairs
Committee chairs are appointed each year by the district governor during the three weeks following the Service & Leadership Conference. Committee Chairs include (subject to change):

Kiwanis Family Chair
District Projects Chair
Policies & Contests Chair
District Events Chair
Public Relations Chair
Major Emphasis Chair

Committee Chair Contract

Applications will be made available online surrounding the 2019 Service and Leadership Conference in March.

Endorsement for International Office

The following agreements must be complete for a Key Club member to seek endorsement for a Key Club International Office by the Georgia District:

All candidates endorsed must abide by all rules and regulations set forth by Key Club International for the election of officers.

Required Events for all Board Members

  • 2019 Service and Leadership Conference: March 1-3, 2019 (Atlanta, Ga.)
  • Board Training: April 5-7, 2019 (Macon, Ga.)
  • Key Club International Convention: June 30-July 7, 2019 (Baltimore)
  • Summer Board Meeting: August 16-18, 2019 (Augusta, Ga.)
  • Georgia Leadership Training Conference: August 24, 2019 (Six Flags Over Georgia)
    *Board members must arrive by 6:00 p.m. on Friday, August 23, 2019.
  • Winter Board Meeting: December 12-15, 2019 (Peachtree City, Ga.)
  • 2020 Service & Leadership Conference & Pre-Conference Board Meeting: February 19-23, 2020 (Peachtree City, Ga.)

Required Events for District Governor*

  • GATC (Governor and Administrator’s Training Conference) in San Francisco
  • LeadCon in Indianapolis
  • Kiwanis Convention
  • Circle K District Convention

*Flights/travel, accommodations paid for by Key Club International or the Georgia District.

Expense Accounts
All district board members will receive a budget for some incurred travel expenses. District and international event registration fees are the responsibility of board members and are not reimbursed. Financial assistance may be provided.

Contact District Administrator Brad Malone with any questions regarding district board member positions.