Quality Over Quantity: Increasing Membership Through Engagement

By Vivi Ngo, Lt. Governor Division 1

Recruiting and adding members to your club’s roster is great and important, but I believe having passionate and involved members is the most important. For many members, they see Key Club as another club and service organization for college applications. But I see Key Club as an opportunity to change lives in both my community and across the globe. In my freshmen year I was just an average member, attending bi-monthly meetings and doing the required volunteer hours. During this time, I still did not know what Key Club was really about until I attended District Convention (DCON). At DCON I had a “click moment” and realized how Key Club could give me a chance to have a lasting impact on the world.

After DCON I decided to run for a club officer in my home club. While being an officer, I have realised that you have to make your cause personal. Adding in a personal story is what creates a greater connection; being able to put a face to a cause makes a huge difference. Storytelling help answers the question, “How does this relate to me?’ or “Why do I need to get involved?”.  A great way to tell these stories is by bringing in a speaker, which will get members engaged and motivated to get involved.

Once you have members engaged and interested in the topic, hold events and fundraisers in which they can volunteer and raise funds. Focusing on one specific charity/cause for a month or so is effective because both members and the club won’t be overwhelmed. Every October and November my home club focuses on the ELIMINATE project. Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF occurs around mid-October to early November so it is a perfect time to be focused on the ELIMINATE project. Another way to involve members is to allow them to have an input on decisions like what fundraisers to hold, t-shirt design, and other Key Club related events. Finally it’s important to completely inform members about what Key Club has done and how Key Club impacts the world.

With these tips, you can encourage members to be engaged and passionate. When others see how excited your Key Clubbers are, they’ll want to join in the fun!