Project Ideas

By Jasmine Ramirez, District Projects Chair 

Are you wondering on how you can best serve your community? Do you need fundraising or service project ideas? Look no further because listed below are just a few examples of fundraising/service projects you and your Key Club can participate in!

To start off, one of our major projects this upcoming year is with the Georgia Sheriff Youth Homes and an awesome fundraising idea is to participate in the “my high-five” campaign. To help reach our district goal, we are asking every Key Clubber to raise only five dollars as a part of our “my high-five campaign” to fund our new Georgia Sheriff Youth Homes project. This is an extremely easy but effective way to raise money for this project. Another service/fundraising project to consider is speaking at your local Kiwanis during their club meetings. This is not only a fantastic way to get to know your neighboring Kiwanis Club, but also a great way to possibly raise some money. Reaching out to your local Kiwanis is a good way to fundraise because Kiwanis clubs are eager to help out Key Clubbers in any way they can and will often help fundraise and participate in service projects. Another idea to consider is fundraising for the Thirst Project, which is one of our official service partners. The Thirst Project’s website is loaded with helpful resources to help Key Clubs raise the most money possible. Also, Eliminate Week is May 7-11th so try to push your clubs to fundraise. Some ideas are: Cookies for Coins and Spring Cleaning. Have a fun cookie-baking night and sell them during lunch for spare change. Every penny helps. Or, encourage your club members to clear out their closets and sell items they no longer need.I hope these suggestions help and encourage you and your Key Club to start fundraising now!