Personal Service

By Justice Lee, Division 3 Lieutenant Governor and Alia Bly, District Bulletin Editor

Key Club members are given the unique opportunity to explore the community in which he or she serves through service. Whether serving others on a large scale, such as a district wide initiative, or a smaller, more personal one, service knows no bounds. If you or your club members find yourself struggling to get involved, spend some time learning about the many worthwhile projects Key Club supports.

Lieutenant Governor Justice Lee described a service experience with the Relay For Life program as “inspirational and mind altering.” She went on to say, “the most inspirational moment was when we lit up glow sticks to commemorate the deaths of late cancer patients. To understand that even though they are gone but not forgotten was mind-altering because that’s the exact opposite of what many people think . I would have never gained this experience if I didn’t volunteer with Key Club.”

Use your platform with Key Club to elevate yourself and others. Utilize all opportunities that come your way!