Join the Halo Movement!

By Alia Bly, Bulletin Editor

Key Club’s reach extends far beyond our Georgia borders. With so many service initiatives encompassed within the organization, it’s difficult to choose just one to support. If your club is interested in joining a service project that is out of your price range, the Halo Movement is the benefactor you need!

The Halo Movement is an organization responsible for giving grants to Key Clubs unable to fund the projects they wish to pursue. These grants range from $100-2500 based on the magnitude of the proposed initiative. To get involved, submit your idea to the Halo Project’s website to begin the consideration process. While you’re there, browse through some of the past winners from our Key Club International family; see what your friends in service have accomplished! All applications must be submitted by April 30. To register, visit the link¬†

Allow your enthusiasm for Key Club to carry your club higher this year!