How to Get Involved With Our Newest GSYH Project!

By Jasmine Ramirez, District Projects Chair 

There are several ways to be recognized at the Georgia Key Club Service and Leadership Conference (SLC) for participating in the District Project. One award is the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes Awareness Award. This award is awarded to ANY club who has raised awareness for the GSYH project. The club must submit proof of support (pictures, website link, social media page, etc.) by February 1, 2019 on The contest forms will open up by August 1, 2018 and any club that has evidence of participation is presented with this award so PLEASE make sure to apply for this award. The other award regarding the District Project is the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes Fundraising Award. The Grand Prize will be presented to the club that has raised the most money directed to the District Project PER MEMBER. However, similarly to the GSYH Awareness Award, EVERY club who has raised money for this project will also be recognized and presented with an award, so make sure to apply for this award as well. The application for this award will also be on at the deadline is also February 1, 2019. It always feels wonderful to be recognized for YOUR services, so PLEASE make sure to apply for both of these awards!