How Has Key Club Changed Your Perspective on Both Service and Life?

By Alia Bly, District Bulletin Editor

Students are offered many opportunities during their high school career. Many chances presented to students are a given simply waiting to be exercised upon, but Key Club is an opportunity that must be sought out and pursued. Students who choose to dedicate their four years of upper school education to service display a dedication not found in everyone.

Key Club, to me, has shown the importance of leadership and persistence. My two years on district board have been unlike any else; they have introduced me to people I will always be thankful for, involved me in projects I am excited to see the outcome of, and allowed me to rediscover who I am as a person. Key Club has changed my perspective in the way that I no longer just see myself as a a single student—rather, I see myself as an opportunity for change and progress. This is a message I would love to see many other high schoolers adopt. If young people viewed themselves as the next group of people to change the world, we would be presented with masses of dedicated servant-leaders. Key Club has shown me that service is not something simply performed to fill a resume, but rather, it is something that shapes us as humans and friends.

To those who are just beginning to become immersed in Key Club’s message, ask yourself not what Key Club can do for you, but what you can do for Key Club. I have often seen the phrase, “We don’t make keys, but we do open doors” in relation to Key Club, and I believe that by stepping through the many doors Key Club can and will open for you, you will find that you will wish you had taken the opportunity far sooner.