GSYH Tour: An Eye Opening Experience

By Christina Lee, Lt. Governor Divisions 14 & 15

     On June 24th, five Georgia Key Club board members embarked on a two day Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes (GSYH) road trip. This experience has tremendously broadened my perspective and has flourished my love for this organization.  The Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes provide wonderful homes and nourishing care for the state’s most at-risk children. They surround the kids with the love, safety, and stability needed to grow into mature, successful adults. We visited four GSYH: Boys Ranch, Cherokee Estate, Herrington Homestead, and Mountain View. The kids at the GSYH and I picked fresh blackberries off a bush, played basketball, and shared conversations over delicious dishes. Everyone was so incredibly enthusiastic, open-minded, and optimistic. Getting a glimpse of the GSYH has catapulted my motivation for the GSYH Education Project; the My High-Five Campaign encourages every Key Clubber to raise at least $5 for the Education Project at the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes’ Mountain View campus. If every Key Clubber meets their goal, the $120,000 project will be completely paid off! The education center provides a wonderful, quiet place for the kids to study and concentrate on their assignments. Every Key Clubber has the potential to fulfill such an impactful goal this year through the My High-Five campaign.