Get to Know the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes!

By Cadence Merck, Lieutenant Governor Division 2

The Georgia district board has been working with Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes since 1988 and has raised $880,000 for the organization since. The Georgia district has completed 5 separate projects for this organization that provides a loving caring home for children that have been abandoned, neglected or abused in Georgia. From 1992 through 1999, Georgia Key Club decided to raise money to build a learning center on the GSYH campus in LaGrange, Georgia. This learning center was finally completed in 1999, after over $100,000 had been raised. In the five years following the construction of the learning center in LaGrange, the key clubbers of Georgia raised over $115,000 to build another learning center at the Cherokee Estates campus in Dalton, Georgia for the female residents of Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes. It was realized in 2005 that all campuses of GSYH had a place for residents to fulfill their spiritual needs except one. That is why the district set out to build a chapel at the Pineland campus. This project was completed in a record breaking time of only three years. On the same Pineland campus, in 2009, It was brought to the attention of the Georgia district board that they had outgrown their current learning center. GA Key club decided to take on the challenge of raising $150,000 to expand the learning center and it was finished in 2014. Our most recent project called the “foundation for education” was completed in 2018. This project began in 2014, challenging the key clubbers of georgia to raise their goal of $120,000 by 2019 (nailed it). This project was to build an education center in the Mountainview campus which only contained a single cottage for the boys living there. Starting in the coming year, the Georgia district of Key Club International will continue in the rich, 30 year tradition by beginning to raise funds for a brand new project, soon to be announced.