Football, Food, and the Kiwanis Family

By Jose Ramirez, Major Emphasis & Kiwanis Family Day

Touch Down!!!

The crowd goes wild as their favorite team scores the winning touchdown with only four seconds on the clock! 

This is the south’s favorite sport, college football. And just as you Key Clubbers are passionate about service, I know you are also diehard football fans.

An exciting game is what could await you on October 15, 2016! This district wide event is called Kiwanis Family Day, and it surrounds an amazing game between Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern at the Bobby Dodd Stadium. It is sure to be an amazing game!

However, this is not simply a game to look forward to; it is a time to meet and interact with members of the Kiwanis Family from all over Georgia! This Kiwanis Tailgate will start at 10:00 AM at the Georgia Tech Tailgate Village where you will eat a delicious pulled pork meal while conversing with Circle K members, Kiwanians, and Key Clubbers.

Ticket Prices:

  • $22 – Ticket to the Georgia Tech vs. Georgia Southern game (includes a $5 donation to the Eliminate Project) – $50+ value
  • $44 – Tailgate + Ticket Package – Includes a ticket to the Georgia Tech vs. Georgia Southern game and a pass for the Kiwanis Family tailgate (catering included) – $70 value
  • $22 – Kiwanis Family Tailgate only (for those that already have a ticket to the football game)


*Attention Key Clubbers*

Anyone interested in attending Georgia Tech have a great opportunity to take a guided tour given by Georgia Tech Circle K members. Email district administrator Brad Malone at to schedule a free tour!

So my question is, are you ready for football?

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