Fondest Key Club Memory

By Taylor Ettershank, Division 4 Lieutenant Governor

My fondest Key Club memory to date was the Key Club International Convention. The accumulation of like- minded individuals and the exploration of a new city made it an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. Taking in the museums, boat rides, and late night conversations led me to the conclusion that I can experience so much more with a positive attitude and an open mind. Then came the Key Club oriented fun! Each keynote speaker during the general sessions brought a unique view on life. These views opened my eyes to the power of failing, surrounding yourself with those that will challenge you, and so much more! Even though we strive for greatness sometimes life gets in the way and having a passionate adult speak can remind you to stay motivated. With all the inspiration to think on, the late-night dances gave me a space to let loose. They were just dark enough to where you could dance without feeling silly! Of all the events, learning about the ways other schools better their communities was the most important. Ideas and people from all over the world came together in one city, with the same goals. All Key Club members working for a better tomorrow. ICON you will be missed!