Divisional Council Meetings: What Are They and Where Do I Sign Up?

By Alia Bly, District Bulletin Editor

Lieutenant Governors (LTG) are charged with building healthy and lasting relationships with the clubs they serve. While electronic communication is helpful, the bond built between Key Clubbers and their representative is further strengthened through in-person meetings.

Divisional Council Meetings (DCM) are an opportunity for Lieutenant Governors to educate their club members on district events, service initiatives, and divisional activities. Alongside the necessary information, members get the chance to meet others serving their division, and this opportunity can lead to both partnerships in local service and long-lasting friendships! Divisional Council Meetings are often held in areas central to the majority of a division’s clubs; typically, the event will take place in a park, school, or similar location.

Interested in attending a DCM near you? Be aware of the notifications and newsletters your current Lieutenant Governor sends out monthly. These newsletters and emails contain information about upcoming divisional rallies, as well as other district-wide events. Checking your email often ensures you’re never left out when it comes to recent planning and news in the Georgia District. If you do not currently know who your active LTG is, check out the contact page on our website. This will provide you with the information you need to begin your journey to an awesome Key Club experience.

DCMs offer Key Clubbers the chance to enhance their service experience. Make sure to stay in contact with your LTG so you’re in attendance at a meeting in your area!