Continuing in the Kiwanis Family!

By Mary Grace Watson, Major Emphasis and Kiwanis Family Chair

Class of 2017, you graduated. Class of 2018, you’re next. Here that, guys? You made it! But wait, once high school is over, Key Club is over, too. Right? Not quite! You can continue your Key Club journey for however long you want to! But, how? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Key Club is just one of six levels of the Kiwanis Family. In college, you can join Circle K. Circle K is the premiere university service organization in the world sponsored by Kiwanis International. With clubs on more than 550 campuses globally, programming is based upon the tenets of service, leadership, and fellowship. Then after college, you can join Kiwanis! Kiwanis members around the globe have one common goal: To serve the children of the world. Kiwanis advocates this vision every day by providing opportunities to serve for every member of a community through Service Leadership Programs. Through these opportunities, youth and young adults around the world become competent, capable and compassionate leaders.

So why should you continue in the Kiwanis Family? I asked one of my favorite Circle K members and Kiwanians why they love being in their area of the Kiwanis Family.

“I think the best thing about Circle K is our core value of fellowship. In Circle K, we focus on service and    fundraising, but we also emphasize and encourage building relationships and friendships with others. I’ve noticed this past year in Circle K that district events have specific time carved out for getting to know each other better (For example, we had a bonfire at our fall membership retreat where we all just hung out). Each individual club also hosts their own socials where members get together in the name of Circle K just to bond more together (official business doesn’t really go on at these.. it could just be an ice cream social where you all hang out, eat ice cream, and throw around a frisbee). Fellowship is definitely the best thing about Circle K for me because you get to know all of your fellow members on a much more personal level which makes service and fundraising both more fun and more fulfilling.”

          ~Emmie Landford, Service Chair and Multimedia Chair for the Georgia District of Circle K

“I love Kiwanis because of the fellowship. The meetings are fun, and the people are so nice, but most of all, I love Kiwanis for the service. I love getting to serve others.”

          ~Bob Craft, Kiwanian from the Kiwanis Club of Moultrie

This Kiwanian and Circle K member both talked about the friends, fellowship, and service they love in their organization. These are the same things that Key Clubbers love about Key Club, so don’t fret that Key Club is almost over. Join the other Kiwanis family organizations and continue making caring your way of life!