Contests, Contests, and More Contests!

By Joey Jin, Contests and Policies Chair

Many Key Club members are unaware of the many opportunities of recognition and rewards that Key Club offers through District and International Contests and Awards. Through these many Contests and Awards, numerous trophies, plaques, certificates, and scholarships are presented at the Georgia Key Club SLC and Key Club ICON.

So how can you AND your Key Club become involved?

Just apply!!!

All of the applications can be found online at with the exception of the Oratorical Contest and the Talent Contest which will be accepting registration at the Georgia Key Club SLC. In addition, some of the District Awards are participatory awards, meaning EVERY complete application will be recognized. (Endorsed Project Award, Service Initiative Award, Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes (GSYH) Awareness Award-Service Project, Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes (GSYH) Fundraising Award-Fundraising Project)

Also, winners of the Key Club International Contest at the Georgia District level will receive a chance to be awarded at the 2019 Key Club International Convention!

The deadline for District Awards and Contests applications is January 25, 2019 so make sure to nominate your Key Club, your advisors, fellow Key Clubbers, and most importantly YOURSELF for a chance to become appreciated for all your hard work and service!