A Successful GSYH Social Media Week!

December 1, 2017

By Andrew McGraw, District Projects Chairman Hello Georgia Key Clubbers! I want to thank ALL of you for your participation in the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes social media takeover this week! I loved seeing your enthusiasm for the district project and hope many more of you have been inspired by the selfless acts of others(Continue Reading)

Continuing in the Kiwanis Family!

September 5, 2017

By Mary Grace Watson, Major Emphasis and Kiwanis Family Chair Class of 2017, you graduated. Class of 2018, you’re next. Here that, guys? You made it! But wait, once high school is over, Key Club is over, too. Right? Not quite! You can continue your Key Club journey for however long you want to! But,(Continue Reading)

Welcome Back to School!

August 30, 2017

By Jasmine Ramirez, Lt. Governor Division 4 School is starting up again, and with school comes many things. Stressing over tests, procrastination, endless nights of homework, and teachers that don’t seem to understand the struggle of being a student. However, along with all of the things we worry about comes all of the things we(Continue Reading)

Quality Over Quantity: Increasing Membership Through Engagement

July 31, 2017

By Vivi Ngo, Lt. Governor Division 1 Recruiting and adding members to your club’s roster is great and important, but I believe having passionate and involved members is the most important. For many members, they see Key Club as another club and service organization for college applications. But I see Key Club as an opportunity(Continue Reading)

Register for GLTC Now!

July 27, 2017

By Christina Lee, Lt. Governor Divisions 14 & 15 On August 26th, the 2017 Georgia Leadership Training Conference (GLTC) will take place at Six Flags Over Georgia. At GLTC, you will have the opportunity to meet so many unique and open-minded individuals from all across Georgia. My first time at GLTC was extraordinary; I felt(Continue Reading)

GSYH Tour: An Eye Opening Experience

July 15, 2017

By Christina Lee, Lt. Governor Divisions 14 & 15      On June 24th, five Georgia Key Club board members embarked on a two day Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes (GSYH) road trip. This experience has tremendously broadened my perspective and has flourished my love for this organization.  The Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes provide wonderful homes(Continue Reading)

What’s the deal with YOF?

July 1, 2017

By Katelynn Barnes, Lt. Governor Division 5 The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is a perfectly named fund. It provides Key Clubs all over the country with opportunities to complete projects they otherwise might not have been able to. You may not know it, but you are actually contributing to the YOF every year! Fifty cents(Continue Reading)

ICON Tips and Tricks!

June 25, 2017

By Calista Moore, Lt. Governor Division 13  In 7 days, the Georgia District will be flying off to Texas for International Convention! Here are some tips for how to make the best of it: Be optimistic! You’re in Texas for an entire week sharing an experience with hundreds of key clubbers, what is there to(Continue Reading)

Key Leader Camp

May 26, 2017

By Andrea Manning, Lt. Governor Division 8 Key Leader Camp is an exciting 3-day leadership camp experience. This past March was my second year attending. I served as a student facilitator which gave me the opportunity to apply the skills I acquired the previous year. Over the three days we held seminar style lessons on service(Continue Reading)

My Breakthrough Experience

May 19, 2017

By Gabi Lirio “Give us one week, and we will change your life.” This quote was sent over and over the weeks preceding Key Club International’s first ever Breakthrough service-immersion project in Miami, Florida. Before the project, it seemed so cliche, but now, it is the most fitting phrase of words for this weeklong project.(Continue Reading)