Builders Club, K-Kids, and you!

By Justice Lee, Division 3 Lieutenant Governor

I made the decision of creating the missing link between my schools Key Club and our other nearby branches, like K-Kids and Builders Club . A K-Kids club is just like Key Club, only with younger elementary members who learn about service in school and community. Builders Club is the largest service organization for middle school students (ages 12 to 14), and is student led. For me, the task was simple, and all that was missing was a liaison to act as somebody to speak to both parties on each others behalf. That liaison was me of course! I contacted the closest elementary to us, Sweetwater Elementary ,and it was actually right across the street from our school. The middle school wasn’t as close, but I made the connection. I spoke with the school’s club advisor, as well as the principal. Just like that, I had created the link that hadn’t been there for years. Soon, we began do service projects together, such a visiting retirement homes, helping out animal shelters , and creating care packages for the homeless. Service projects promote development of social and emotional skills for the children in those clubs.The experience of working with elementary and middle school kids, and vice versa, is really incredible. We get to instill a positive connotation about Key Club in their minds from a young age.