Board Training Experiences

By Bhavin Patel, Lieutenant Governor Division 10

Each year, the newly elected district board convenes to learn about their responsibilities. This event brings members together, and it also ensures the board is prepared to aid Key Clubs in enjoying a successful year!

My experience at the 2018 board training was quite immense! While meeting new people from across our district, I had the opportunity to learn so much more about Key Club and my new responsibility as the Division 10 Lieutenant Governor. I learned how to properly make newsletters to keep my schools informed, how to hold divisional rallies, how to make clubs engage, and much more! My favorite time during board training was our group dinner, It gave everyone an opportunity to bond and to get to know each other well. I also had the opportunity to hear from Cathy Miller and Harriet Holley from the Kiwanis K-Kids and Builders Club. These organizations are similar to Key Club, but offer opportunities to middle and lower school.  Overall, the 2018 Georgia Key Club board training was quite a success, and we all learned a lot!