A Service Feast

By Alli Dunn, Lt. Governor of Divisions 

You’re in the kitchen preparing the food for your Thanksgiving feast. You have so much to be thankful for, and one of those things is being a member of Key Club! You start thinking of the items on your table as the service you have done, and the service others have done for you. You start to think the dinner rolls represent your visits at the senior home. “If I only had one roll, then this would be one sad feast.”

So you remember the all the other service you’ve done, such as raising money for the Eliminate Project and the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes. The money your have raised has made so many people happy. Now you didn’t just serve one person, you’ve served others.  That adds stuffing and potatoes. As you go on preparing your meal, you think of all the others you have been able to serve, and the people who have served you. There was that one time you helped that old lady with her groceries, and when you talked to a friend when she was feeling down. Now there’s a pumpkin pie, and a pot of gravy. Because you were able to spread joy and gratitude through service, you have a table full of thankful people and amazing dishes, including the biggest service turkey ever! Continue to serve others so that your Thanksgiving feast can be even bigger next year!