(11.24.18) Eliminate Week

By Christina Lee, District Governor 

As you may know, our Key Club International Service Project is the Eliminate Project. Since 2010, Key Club members have worked alongside other Kiwanis family members and UNICEF to help save and protect women and their future babies from tetanus.

This year, Key Club International projects to raise US$700,000! By participating in Eliminate Week, which will take place May 7-11, 2019, you can help bring that goal into fruition.

Read the following to see how you can get involved:

Monday – Make it Known Monday

Inform others in your community about maternal and neonatal tetanus! Post a “Did you know?” question on your social media account or hold a trivia game event at your school.

Tuesday – Toss-it-out Tuesday

Challenge your members to give up something they frequently buy (e.g. coffee). With the money they save, they can make a small, but meaningful donation.

Wednesday – Why it matters Wednesday

Show how others’ contributions can make an impact! Show them these videos (here & here).

Thursday – Throwback Thursday

Share a #throwback post of any projects you’ve done in the past!

Friday – Fundraiser Friday

After empowering and informing others about the Eliminate Project, hold a fundraiser at your school. For example, you can sell cookies or donuts.

Remember that the work you do to eliminate MNT will change the world!