(02.17.19) Planning for Next Term

By Alia Bly, District Bulletin Editor and Public Relations Chair

As strange as it is to comprehend, the Key Club year is over in a little more than a week! Be proud of the amazing accomplishments your club achieved during the 2018-19 term, and begin to ask yourself, “what can I do to ensure my club is where it needs to be next year?” If your club had a fantastic term, then you have a great starting place for your 2019-2020 goals, but if your club struggled this year, there’s no shame in looking for advice! Key Club is one big family, meaning our knowledge is shared just as our successes are. If you are in need of guidance for next year, keep reading!

Tips for the 2019-2020 term:

  1. Start promoting early – Whether you’re planning for the collection of dues, the submission of officer information, or the attendance of GLTC or SLC, the key is preparation. Giving your members ample time to collect the required forms, gather funds, or obtain any other required measure further ensures club involvement. A rushed club is a stressed club, so learning to micromanage across the board sets you up for success. If you struggle with meeting deadlines, set the club deadline a week ahead of the actual hard deadline. For example, if you think your members won’t get their money for SLC in on time, say all money must be turned in by a week before you are expected to have finalized all plans with the district. This way, you’ll have an extra week to get everything arranged with enough time to handle any unforeseen issues.
  2. Be an engaged officer or member – When trying to build your club at the beginning of a term, think back to what made you join Key Club in the first place. Reaching out to others enhances the Key Club family, so don’t be afraid to be that person that passes out pamphlets at lunch promoting your meetings. Don’t be afraid to be the member that spends some time with the underclassmen showing them that getting an early start as a Key Clubber is the best way to unlock all the opportunities that are available through the club. Don’t be afraid to be the student that spreads service through small actions in order to create a big impact.
  3. Attend district events and build a relationship with your LTG – Some people view district board members as intimidating, but in reality, district board members are just kids who took the next step in their service journey. District board members want to see YOU succeed. We want to see members winning scholarships at SLC, making new friends at GLTC, and loving Key Club as much as we do. For us to see you being the best you can be, you have to spend some time with us at district events. District events promote service while immersing members in a community atmosphere. Never hesitate to attend an event, even if you are the only member from your club coming. You are guaranteed to meet at least one person that you feel comfortable spending the day with, and if you’re having a hard time, find your LTG! LTGs are a part of the board to enhance and ease membership experience, so allowing them to be a part of your year builds your club and your circle of friends! Key Club wants you to succeed on all levels, so don’t hesitate to see where it takes you!